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Customer service

About Flowers Canada

Language of flowers and their meaning

You probably believed that you can offer any flower arrangement regardless the addressee or situation. It means that you certainly do not know the meaning of flowers. You cannot just offer red roses to your boss, just like you cannot offer a pink carnation to your mother – these flowers are for your special one and they represent a declaration of your love and lust feelings. Here is a useful guide with flowers for the next time when you will have to order a bouquet.

What flowers should you choose?

Your florists in Canada will help you select the perfect flower arrangement for any occasion. When it is the birthday of your lover or you just wish to surprise her with an astonishing bouquet, we recommend you red roses arranged perfectly in a box, in combination with some greenery or even white roses. Roses transmit feelings of love, your passion and admiration. However, white and yellow roses also mean purity and friendship, so they might be a good choice if you know that your boss appreciates roses.

How do you deliver your “Get well soon!” thoughts when someone you know is hospitalized? You send them a flower arrangement – and a colorful one will do the job wonderfully. Pink tulips show your caring, poppies are for consolation, lisianthus calms the ambiance and hibiscus are so delicate, that they brighten up the air in any hospital room.

When it is Mother’s Day and you did not have time to purchase a present, order a beautiful bouquet and your Florist in Canada will transmit the best wishes to your mom. Lilacs, orchids, irises and lilies are some of your best options, especially if you stood all night long and you did not get your mother the jewelry set she wanted so much.

Even men can receive flower arrangements. Some of our bouquets have a touch of masculinity – arrangements in boxes, with awesome green leaves surrounding the big flowers. We must put aside our misconceptions and realize that men have feelings too and they are not afraid to show their thoughts, either. Give your dad an interesting flower arrangement in a pint of beer and it is a guarantee that he will appreciate your gesture.

Surprise your best friend with gorgeous white daisies, yellow daisies and chic yellow roses. It is the nicest gesture if she went through a deception in love or she has a personal problem. Yet do not forget chocolate and ice cream as well – who cares about a few extra kilos when your heart needs consolation?

Flowers manage to transmit feelings and thoughts that we cannot otherwise express. You want to show your lover how much you love her? Get her a large bouquet of combined red flowers and she will be impressed. Your mother will appreciate your daffodils, tulips and peonies, while your boss will look at you differently if you will knock at her office’s door with a charming bouquet of alstroemeria, chrysanthemums and daisies. Order the perfect flowers from your Florist in Canada and you will steal a smile from those who will receive your attention!

Customer service
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